The Covington County Commission, realizing the need for a countywide public water system, authorized the formation of a water authority March 31, 1987. The Covington County Water Authority was incorporated April 13, 1987 and their by-laws were adopted January 9, 1989. County residents Charles Hartin, Neal Gresham, and L. D. Meredith were instrumental in the initial stages and formation of this Water Authority. The County Commission owned and operated two groundwater wells and distribution lines in the Gantt/Rose Hill area and the Loango area south of Red Level. The Rose Hill area was funded through a $3,050,000 bond issue and the Loango area was installed with a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant.

The Water Authority applied for a USDA/Rural Development grant for $790,000 and a loan in the amount of $289,000 to serve the Wing to Lockhart areas in 1992. In 1993 the Water Authority received a $508,000 loan and grant from Rural Development to install a water tank and lines in the Boykin area north of Red Level. In 1996 a Rural Development Loan in the amount of $4,094,000 and a grant in the amount of $406,000 was approved. These funds were used for the construction of a water system in the Onycha area south of Opp and the purchase of the County Commission’s two water systems serving Rose Hill and Loango, making the County Water System one owner/entity effective January 1, 1997.
A low interest Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan in the amount of $558,259 in June 2000 made it possible for several line extensions to serve different areas of the county including Pleasant Home School. On February 27, 2003, the Water Authority issued a $1,490,000 Water Revenue Bond to install water lines in the Red Oak Community to serve approximately 150 customers. These lines are tied into the Onycha and Wing water systems. In October 2003 the Authority issued Series 2003A Bond in the amount of $6,365,000. The purpose of these bonds were (a) to provide funds necessary to pay the costs of certain additions and improvements; (b) to refund certain outstanding Water Revenue Bonds of the Authority; (c) to fund Reserve Funds; and (d) to pay the costs of issuance of the Series 2003A Bonds. The Authority completed the refunding of the bonds to reduce its debt service payments over 32 years by $673,664 and to obtain an economic gain of $71,026.

On April 1, 2005, Covington County Water Authority entered into an agreement with Covington Rural Services, Inc. (Covington Electric) for the purchase of two (2) public utility water systems, one in the Town of Carolina and one in the Town of Libertyville. This added 500 customers. The Water Authority purchased 5.5 acres, an office building, and warehouse on March 26, 2010. The property is located at 22420 Tracks Lane off Sanford Road in Andalusia, Alabama. After making needed improvements, the Covington County Water Authority offices opened at the new location September 7, 2010. The Covington County Water Authority currently serves 4,600 customers throughout the county, maintaining seven water wells and 800 miles of water mains. We strive to provide a dependable and safe supply of water to all consumers. Please help us protect our water resources, which are a vital part of our lives and our children’s future.

Alabama has over 77,000 miles of rivers and streams and is blessed with an abundance of fresh water; however recent droughts have emphasized the importance of the conservation of this valuable resource. By practicing some of these water saving tips, each of us can do our part to ensure an adequate supply of fresh water for ourselves and future generations. Water conservation practices will not only help save our water supplies, but can save you money.